Major rifts to be seen in Saraswatichandra


Here we are with the latest information from the sets of Saraswatichandra.

Now in the coming episodes Guman will try all possible ways to create rifts in the relation of Saraswatichandra and Lakshminandan Vyas.Firstly Saraswatichandra and Kumud will keep a karva chauth vrath for each other and to give Kumud a surprise he will leave from Gujarat to break Kumud’s fast and share a romantic moment with Kumud.But before leaving from Dubai,Saras had arranged a meeting with Mr Lal but Guman brings the date back which results in the biggest deal being lost.This will create a rift in the relations of Saraswatichandra and Kumud and even of Saraswatichandra and Lakshminandan Vyas.

So don’t miss to watch the high on romance and drama episodes coming to your TV Screens on Star Plus at 7:30pm.



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