Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – First Indian show to get a such a phenomenal response


The magic that will never end,the magic of Rabba Ve,the magic of the cast of IPKKND is not over yet as Star has recognized the power of IPKKND fan base who have successfully brought the show for re-airing in UK.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon will re-air only in UK but we have confirmed with Star India that they have received mails for re-airing the show in India again for the second time.

Star India has taken the initiative of using Jennifer Wingett (Kumud) and Gautam Rode (Saras) of Saraswatichandra to promote the re-airing of the show in UK.We previously informed that the show will air in both English and Hindi versions.

Jennifer Wingett commented,”I am happy that the show is returning and this shows how much the show was loved.”

So wait for the promos of IPKKND coming back to your TV screen and we are keeping a close eye on the developments for the fans of the show.

*The show will not have a shooting again for the last episodes as we confirmed with Star India.
*Star Officials have confirmed that the show will air in the UK but there is news coming of the show re-airing in India for the third time.


32 thoughts on “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – First Indian show to get a such a phenomenal response

  1. Must say IPKKND show has lost it’s power, greatness because of stupid english dubbing, it sound stupid. Just keep english as subtitle then we love our IPKKND like we did before, keep it Hindi (original). Would love it if they do make a new version of ipkknd show with Sanaya as Khushi and want Mohit Seghal to be ASR and see how mega this show would get

  2. English dubbing has so much ruined a brilliant show ipkknd show was loved by millions and this rubbish ideal is hated by all IPKKND fans. We want our show back Star Life Ok without english Dubbing NOW!. Please return Sanaya Irani as Khushi we beg you and get Mohit Sehgal to be our new ASR man in the New IPKKND show, with Mohit the show would rock mega high then any show on earth, would be NO 1

  3. Please love IPKKND show and everyone hate the english dubbing Star life Ok pls stop doing this, we are Sanaya Irani fans and we love Khushi character so much please show only original version and no more english dubbing please. We love MJHT show too could you return that show back too even better bring MJHT season 3. We love Mohit Sehgal and would love to see Sanaya Irania as Khushi and Mohit as ASR in new IPKKND show Star Life Ok we believe it would be even more mega then Barun version

  4. love IPKKND show and MJHT, and don’t like english dubing for Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Life Ok. Please we want IPKKND show to be in hindi only and english can only be subtitle only nothing more please. Would love to see Sanaya back as Khushi and also would like to see Mohit Sehgal to be ASR and see how mega show would become pls


  6. Love Khushi she is the best and love everything about IPKKND show and yes we also hate the english dubbed version, it has ruined the show and Starlife Ok should stop this. We love IPKKND as it was the original, the brilliant background music pls keep this show in HIndi and keep english as subtitle only

  7. We love MJHT and IPKKND because of Sanaya Irani. We would love it if IPKKND show is return with Sanaya as Khushi again and ASR to be Mohit Sehgal. We do love IPKKND show on Star Life Ok at 2pm slot which is million times better then IPKKND english dubbed version 6pm slot, which and completly ruin the show stop this english dubbing now!

  8. We totally agree they have ruin IPKKND show by dubbing it in english, Star Life Ok probably done this on propose because of starplus, so viewer rating won’t drop for starplus. The engish dubbing was said to be done by pro, more like pro idiots. Would only watch IPKKND show if original one came on at 6pm

  9. Hate this stupid english dubbed version of IPKKND show on Star Life Ok. Why can’t we have original version back and keep english subtitle for english fans (Not stupid englsih Dubbing).

  10. IPKKND english dubbing version is ruined the best show, shown at 6pm. We love IPKKND but only the Original version and that’s in Hindi. My fanclub of IPKKND show all hate the English Version and that’s around 5000 members. So Starlife OK get rid of the english dubbing. We are Khushi fans

  11. Yeah English dubbing version has completely ruin IPKKND season 1 show. We love the show and khushi is the best we have fallen in love with her, we love her character and her voice and she is soooo cute please put hindi version on only meaning the orginal version only

  12. We love IPKKND show but we are put off because of the english dubbing, Please return the Hindi Version back because we loved to hear the actors voices. We love Khushi she is so cute and beautiful and we love her voice and the english version is rubbish. PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK IN HINDI ONLY

  13. Hey we love Khushi the best and life Ok the english dubbed version is rubbish. We all want it back in Hindi , our best show IPKKND should be only in hindi becuz we love the actors voices and this english dubbed version have made a joke out of our show it sounds like a comic script. NOW STOP THIS STUPID ENGLISH DUBBING NOW

  14. We got IPKKND show back on star Life Ok but, we only loved the orginal version and that is in HIndi but we don’t like the english dubbed version at all, we hate it and our families don’t understarnd english and thats why we don’t watch it. Please Life Ok bring back only Hindi version at 2pm and 6pm (we know it’s Hindi version at 2pm but we are at work so we can’t watch it). It is not fair and the show got popular because it was in Hindi and just have english subtitle only.

  15. Can’t wait to see Arnav again on star life ok. I just want to thank star plus to re-cap all eposide of ipkknd. Thank you so much star plus

  16. soooooo lovely show …missed it so much …..want to see ipkknd 2 but i know that’s not possible …..but its so joyful to see it coming back …re running of old episodes …everytime see them again they make us laugh , smiled and drool over their only one in world jodi ……want it back in india soon

  17. Cant believe this at all! OMG! Our show coming back again …pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Star re air it in india too at a morning time or some convinent tme for all to see…
    Never will any show be like IPKKND and the ever enchanting chemistry of Arshi! SARUN again!!!!!!!!!!cant wait!

  18. awwwwwww ArHi r the best!! IPKKND is the best thing that ever happened in the whole wide world!!
    the magic in my life!!

    awww awww shows what a miracle it is!!
    I love my IPKKND!! will watch it million times again and again!!

  19. IPKKND great beautiful show in Indain television history
    iss show mein aik unique love story dekhnay ko milli
    Arnav khushi the best couple in the world forever
    ipkknd ki whole team so sweet
    yeh show life ko aik haseen aisaas daitaa hai
    yeh show dekhnay ko bar bar jee chataa hai

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