Fever 104 FM launches radio serial ‘Friends in a Metro’


We all know the importance of friendship and the role it plays in our lives. To capture this man made relationship, Fever 104 FM has launched the first ever radio serial. Christened ‘Friends in a Metro’, the radio series is the first of its’ kind in the radio industry and promises to offer some great humor and emotional connect.

Living to its promise of offering an innovative product the all new show on Fever showcases 5 distinct characters from different walks of life, brought together by circumstances and how they develop the wonderful bond of friendship. This is a story of their struggle for a living in a big city like Mumbai, how their emotions take over the practical facts and how their life seems complete when all of them stand together. The series highlights the importance of friendship and various aspects involved with it. The gripping radio drama will make listeners connect with the characters instantly.
The plot revolves around 5 characters, Anshuman Oberoi, a guy from Delhi who is a rich spoilt Punjabi brat and loves to show off while Sweety Srivastava, a theatre artist from Lucknow and aspires to become an actor. Arjuna Shivaraman an IT graduate from Bengaluru and Babla Ghosh a gifted musical talent from Bengal. Lastly, Dhokle Patil, a Marathi boy aptly titled as IBCD- Indian born confused Desi.

Commenting on the innovation, Harshad Jain, Business Head – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media adds, “Friends in a Metro is a complete radio innovation and is aimed towards offering a differentiated product to our listeners. The earlier radio dramas by Fever have been based on subjects that were either from mythology or history. With Friends in a Metro we have entered a complete new genre and the series is based on youth & modern day times. It highlights the bond of friendship which is spread across age groups. Similar radio dramas are very successful internationally and we are aiming to replicate this success in India”

A complete innovation, ‘Friends in a Metro’ has a combination of good music, great sound effects and has been completely produced in house. From youngsters to adults everyone will be able to relate to the episodes.

Launched on June 17, the radio episodes will be telecast every Monday-Friday, 8 AM across stations. The series was inaugurated by singer Sonu Nigam.



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