Good to prevail over evil in Qabool Hai


Qabool Hai on Zee TV is currently high on drama and there are lot of twist coming in the show which are positive twist.

Newsroom reported earlier that Zoya will run to Ajmer after seeing Tanveer and Asad sleeping together as Tanveer drugged Asad. But now Asad goes to Ajmer to search Zoya but before that Tanveer reaches there and pushes off Zoya from the cliff, seeing all this Asad slaps Tanveer and rescues Zoya.

News has come in that Zoya and Asad will get married but living happily after marriage will be a short one with more drama coming soon.

But the ahead life of Asad and Zoya will be difficult and if sources are believed Tanveer will return soon,till then enjoy some romantic scenes of Asad and Zoya.

On contacting Surbhi,she confirmed the news of difficulties in Asad and Zoya’s life and more twist will be coming in Qabool Hai.



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