ZEE unveils its new corporate brand identity


The brand positioning ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The World is my Family’ has been created by Draftfcb Ulka. The positioning and identity have also been extended to cover the Group’s news and digital business verticals under one umbrella brand called Zee Media

Official press conference(Press conferences result in the same lines by the person on every media site)

Speaking on the new brand positioning, Punit Goenka, MD & CEO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, said, “ZEE as a brand has earned global recognition over the last 20 years. Proud of its Indian heritage ZEE is a cultural ambassador uniting millions of people in India and across the world through entertainment. As a global citizen in this rapidly connecting world, ZEE has embraced this maxim as a belief. A cosmopolitan thought that is relevant even today, it shapes our values. It guides our actions. It defines our purpose. And today, we’re proud to proclaim it to the world.”

The identity is a balanced blend of the traditional and the modern. Reflecting the media conglomerate’s Indian heritage and ethos, the words Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam written in English, are capped off with a line over them (like in Devnagri script). The ‘Dands’ (∫∫∫∫) on either side of the word Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam amplify the Vedic origin of the ideology and signify the essence of ‘Completeness’. The ‘Bindu’ signifies the ‘mark of welcoming someone in your home’.

So do give your feedback on the new logo of Zee Corporate.



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