Tanveer blames Asad for being a rapist and Zoya escapes to Ajmer.


The show is getting gripping with the current storyline ,the suspense in the show is so realistic and we must say kudos to the team for keeping the audience gripped to the show who are anxious to know will the marriage of Zoya and Asad happen.

Well now,should we break the suspense!No,we will give a small spoiler.Now according to latest sources from the sets of Qabool Hai, a major shocker is in store for Qabool Hai fans and that is Tanveer blaming Asad for being a rapist and he raped Tanveer.Asad will go through a lot of turmoil and according to 4 lions the scenes will look very realistic and is surely going to make the viewers cry and put them in a shock and awe situation.Zoya for Asad’s sake will leave him and escape to Ajmer but the marriage is happening or no is a thing to watch out for as we couldn’t confirm with the production team or the actors.

We contacted Surbhi Jyoti,but she commented “We are told by the production team not to disclose anything before hand.”

So stay tuned to Newsroom for exclusive updates.

*We tried to get a clear picture but 4 lions has sealed the sets but we managed to get Surbhi on the phone but she couldn’t disclose anything.


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