Review 1st Episode : Meri Bhabhi


The show has a promising cast and a well defined script and story.The show will define the relation of a Bhabhi and a Nanad which it has to still be defined in the coming episodes.

Meri Bhabhi outlines the lovely bond shared between a sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Shraddha (the nanad) finds a friend in Kritika (her bhabhi). Kritika is a loving person, a dutiful bahu and very good at relieving tense moments with her humour. Kritika plays a significant role in the life of Shraddha and shows her how to live with her head held high in difficult circumstances.

Well we we would like to credit Kanchi Kaul who plays Sharddha Sood whose husband left her and she has done full justice to the show as her emotions are fantastic .Even the other female lead Esha Kansara who plays Kritika Shergill has a unique style of emotions which is cute and adorable.Senior artists like Kanwaljit Singh and Supriya Pilgaonkar are senior and they are just perfect in their roles.

A short introduction to our readers : The show started with the Shergill family celebrating Colonel Shergill’s birthday,while the Colonel’s daughter Shraddha Sood(Esha Kansara) couldn’t wish him due to no balance in her cell phone but the Colonel’s daughter in law Kritika Shergill and her husband are try to contact Bobby Sood (Shraddha’s Husband) but they didn’t know he left her while Shraddha has hid this bitter truth from the Shergill family.Shraddha went to her cell phone operator shop to recharge her mobile but bad luck strikes her and she falls on the road side and the car goes over her mobile and it breaks into two halves.Her neighbors offer her to call her family and she manages to wish her father but will the Colonel Shergill know in which condition his daughter is living in?Will Kritika manage to get through Shraddha and know the truth?

We give the episode a ***** 5 star rating and is a must watch.



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