Newsroom Blog gets revamped : Newsroom


Newsroom and its team look for ways to keep our fans glued to Newsroom Blog.Our main focus on a blog is that we want to redefine reading on a blog as everyone knows Television pages are launched in great numbers and all are unique but there are few blogs launched by organizations ,so Newsroom under the operations of Viacom Internet Gurgaon launched Newsroom Blog in march 2013.

Newsroom Blog has redefined the experience of a blog with over a lakh readers and counting everyday.We will be rolling our new sections on Newsroom.These section will rolled out by 8pm.

The new sections are :
1) Sticking Moments
2) Guess Who
3) Hot Celebs

We have made many improvements in June 2013 with moving to new servers for larger visits and upgrading the graphics regularly.We have also added a new section in June called ‘Case Solved’ which is done by Niharika Sawant who is a expert at Newsroom.This section will return soon with more cases coming in the future.Newsroom will entirely be dedicated to Indian Television and we don’t give ads which is a major headache for most of the readers.

Comment and let us know what you think about the new look of Newsroom Blog.We will come up with more sections in the future.

Give us your feedback

Give us your feedback

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