Why did Dance Indian Dance defeat Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa?


Well the mommies have proved that no one can defeat them in the TRP game,which they proved to the stars of Jhalak.

Well two question rises?Why?Arn’t stars the TRP catchers?

1. Interconnect with the audience
Well its obvious that DID will have a better inter connect as they are mommies who are the homemakers in India.So seeing them do something new is a treat for all the home audiences.

2. Story of the mommies in DID is highly emotional
Well this makes the show highly differentiated from Jhalak as the stars are highly popular and no one faces challenges in everyday life (except the Jhalak rehearsals were everyone is dead dropped) but the mommies share their stories in public which grabs the attention of the audience and creates a emotional bond.

3. Judge Panel is high on laughter than the Jhalak panel of judges but Jhalak has the host who can bring out the comedy from the contestant and judges.

Marzi Pestonji and Farha Khan sure know how to grab the audience and that is with laughter and the joke they play on mommies which are light hearted and done to grab TRPs.Well even in Jhalak they have played a smart move by bringing Manish and Kapil together which is a bomb of laughter and also Manish is the comedy king as he plays jokes worth a laugh on the judges. Well Jhalak should cut off with the scripted drama as it gets annoying especially yesterday’s episodes.

4. Subtitle option for the English audience in DID
Well this feature is not there in Jhalak which is English subtitles.Zee and the production team have a played a smart move by enabling English subtitles in DID which gives the show a more wider reach with the English audience in India.

Jhalak did one mistake in using Madhuri Dixit?What is it?
Madhuri Dixit,the dancing diva has to dance with one celebrity every week who performs well,but why use the ace card every week.They should preserve the ace card as the ace card Madhuri Dixit is the charm of the show and making her dance commonly every week wasn’t a good option.

Well let us know your opinion in the comment section and if you are against something raise a word with our comment section and let us know



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