Bloomberg and India TV join the wagon of removing subscription from TAM


Well now major broadcasters of various genres are leaving tam due to dismissal ratings and not accurate measurement.

Bloomberg had problem with TAM’s measurement of data from 2012 and now seeing major broadcasters leaving Bloomberg took the decision of leaving the biased TAM system.

Last year, Bloomberg TV India had carried out a weekly analysis via viewer graphics (TAM’s software) to understand the core audience sample size for Business News Channels. The analysis brought to light the following which has not seen any significant change till date:

Having no measurement of behaviour in offices, a key constituency of business news channels, makes the research far from ideal for the genre.

The fate of the entire genre as well as that of individual channels therein is being measured using insufficient sample respondent.

The situation gets worse when one tries to understand the viewing behaviour for select Metros; for instance, in Mumbai and Delhi, the relevant population was being measured through an average sample of 12 and 14 people, respectively.

India TV has written a letter for terminating its contract from TAM today,while India TV officials say that “We are not happy with the performance as we had many special segments on Indian TV including Ranbeer and Deepika in Aap Ki Adaalat but the ratings were far from applaudable and seeing major broadcasters leaving we have taken the decision of leaving the system.”



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