Review: Couldn’t connect with Connected Hum Tum


The debut show of Bollywood actor Abhay Deol hasn’t impressed the masses with a TRP of 1.1 (TRP is discontinuing soon) which is the lowest launch of Zee TV till date.

Well the show is a new concept so it will not be easily acceptable but the biggest mistake is to launch it as a fiction show on week days which is the biggest blunder by Zee.In this matter Zee has to learn from Star Plus who few years back launched Master Chef – a completely new concept in India launched as a weekend show or you can say it was a biweekly show and steadily made a big impact in the viewers hearts and is still being continued for 3 years till date and then Star launched it as a fiction show after 2 seasons.

The show has the worst camera angles and you get confused with everyday a new story from the 6 woman’s life which has to much melodrama added .We aren’t impressed with the time slot given to the show which is late 10pm,most highly competitive slot with shows like Uttaran,Pyaar Ka Dard Hai running on channels like Star Plus and Colors.

We we would say the show has to see a lot of improvisation till then we would be keeping a eye on the show for future updates.While we would say the content is new but not refreshing.

Rating – 2/5

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