Hot and Cold response for TRP being discontinued: Newsroom Exclusive


Newsroom brings to you a exclusive article showcasing different Indian Television personalities giving their take on TRP being discontinued.

Utkarsh Naithani (Co-Writer of Saraswatichandra and Devon Ka Dev Mahadev)

“A bit of both will happen.The pressure will certainly reduce and tracks changing due to lesser numbers will also stop.However TRP trends of few weeks can give us writers an indication of the prevalent moods,that won’t be there too. Personally, I work on two shows(Devon Ka Dev Mahadev and Saraswatichandra )where there is tremendous support from the channel. So my life won’t get affected so much but many writers who have suffered maybe rejoicing today.Also, I feel certain the issue will get resolved soon anyway.”

Hiten Tejwani (Manav of Pavitra Rishta)

“It’s not a good thing but there should be a system which is absolutely correct and acceptable to all.”

Manish Gandhi (Munna of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2)

“It’s a historic move that they’ve done away with this obsolete rating system.TRPs would dictate content and creative choices leaving unnecessary strain on the actors.The working environment on a tv set has never been actor friendly with an ever changing script that often arrives right before the shot. Hopefully now writers will not write scenes merely to grab eyeballs. It’s a constructive step.”




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