“Jennifer Wingett is a gem of a person” and clears the controversy surrounding Saraswatichandra – Utkarsh Naithani (Co-writer)


Newsroom brings to you an exclusive interview with Utkarsh Naithani co-writer of Star Plus Saraswatichandra. Well he clears the mess surrounding Saraswatichandra and puts all rumors to death regarding Jennifer,Gautam and the show.

Many sites have claimed of Jennifer not bonding on the sets.Is it true?

“People are overreacting and I have worked with her.I was the one briefing her about Kumud’s role and I was amazed looking at the professionalism in Jennifer.”

Lot of articles have been published regarding Jennifer not bonding with Gautam.Whats your take on it?

“Vo apne kaam se kaam rakhti hai (Jennifer)and that can be misunderstood at times.But she’s a gem of a person and a really good actor too.”

“When two actors work together, they have good and bad days.Long as the onscreen performance is good, we shouldn’t bother about that.”

Well fans have been asking us about the flow of episodes being inaccurate.What happened there ?

“No idea. I had left after writing the initial episodes.I rejoined this week only.So it’ll be unfair to comment on this.”

Recently a gossip article published by a portal that Saraswatichandra is going off air.Well is it true,due to channel pressure.

“I’ve just returned from a channel meeting presenting the story for next few months. Would this happen if the show was going off air?”.

On a ending note what do you want to tell the fans of Saraswatichandra ?

“We are bringing back the magic of initial days. In the near future major drama is going to unfold in which Saras and Kumud will need all their support”.

At the end of the interview we wished him luck for bringing Saraswatichandra back in the TRP game and he replied ” Hope so”.

Saraswatichandra will be back in action in the coming days and our best wishes to Utkarsh Naithani on bringing back Saraswatichandra in the TRP game soon.

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