Case Solved: Well the blame game ends with Farhan at fault!


Well this topic has been dragged by media and is well known which is about Farhan’s allegations and this topic has been cooked as a platter to the audience for which our reporters took the detective cap rather than the gossip cap.

The story started with our article which is about Farhan’s family giving statements about Optymystix fault and Farhan is in depression and is in no mood to talk to any media but then later,the same week Farhan gave a statement to Times Of India that the report is false that he is not in depression and he is rather happy quitting Chhanchhan but the fact doesn’t change as Farhan’s family gave a statement to Newsroom which he mocked off but we didn’t drag the issue till we saw the gossip getting hotter with Sanaya Irani being dragged in the issue which created ripples in the industry the full caste of Chhanchhan being dragged in the issue.

Farhan blamed Sanaya Irani of ignoring him but was this true or false?No,its not true as everyone knows why Farhan was removed or he called it quit was due to his lackluster acting performance and we got news that Sanaya used to help Farhan overcome his difficulties in acting but he used to not pay attention to Sanaya and just ignore her which resulted in Sanaya feeling bad as she is a popular actress.So after that Farhan’s statement comes into effect of Sanaya ignoring him and he started acting weird on the sets and starting making some lame jokes to woo Sanaya but once a thorn pricks but the hurt remains the same applied with Sanaya. Well it wasn’t only his ignorance to Sanaya but the whole cast was irritated with the amount of retakes and delay of shoots which resulted in no cast member being friendly with him.

Even in a interview about Farhan telling that I am ready to romance Sanaya wasn’t well accepted by Sanaya since none of her co stars have talked so publicly about romancing her.

Well if this wasn’t enough a source from sets of Chhanchhan says “Farhan was too confident and had pride which was not liked by cast and specially Sanaya felt to ignore him rather than giving him attention”.

Well we don’t mean to hurt any fan as this information was made possible by the cast member and our reporter Niharika who has being keeping a eye on the case.

So this case is closed for Newsroom…..




11 thoughts on “Case Solved: Well the blame game ends with Farhan at fault!

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  2. thank u for clarifying…some people must want this clarifications..otherwise they will say anything about sanaya
    we know our doll will never be at fault…once again thankyou for ur clarification

  3. The person choice was given a chance just like I don’t know if you guys remember the serial Janne Pechanne Si Ajnabi where the girl called “Ayesha” ( Aditi Tailang) was a newbie..she too was later replaced by Sanjeeda due to lack of acting. If going into serials one has to be able to act..that’s a must.

  4. Kudos to you for honest genuine ethical coverage backed by facts. Thanks for exposing the truth and clearing Sanaya’s name. Nobody can use the media to sling mud at others and then get away with it.
    We love & respect Sanaya Irani for her thorough professionalism in this matter & always. Congrats to newsroom on bringing this out and reassuring us that ethical journalism is still existing!

  5. I have always believed Sanaya to be a very cooperative professional & mature reasonable person cuz I have watched her through many interviews and behind the scene segments. She doesn’t have a bit of arrogance inspire of being such s big name. Thank you for clearing her name and putting a closure to this nonsense. I love & respect Sanaya even more.

  6. Thanks a LOT!
    you guys always give info with backup to support it! If not you clearly tell it. Which makes u a credible organization over that gossip drag Tellychakkar! Anyway thank you once again being responsible journalists! cz as u knew which triggered it, (ur 1st article) you took the responsibility to check the authenticity of the rest that followed.
    Well here is the truth! Farhan is indeed mentally ill. No not in a nice way, cz he is a sadistic pervert! An arrogant jack ass. A dirty minded pompus jerk. No words are enough to explain what a bag of dirt he is!

    FK u r a nobody, u are a failure in every effing this in life. And seems u make it a habit to put the blame for ur every failure on others.
    lemme give the list

    Quoting super star FK!! His reasons why he is a failure in EVERY THING in life!

    1. Sports council – Failed athlete
    2. I am a movie star
    3. I refused Ekta Kapoor
    4. I took the role cz i get t say 50% words in front of Sanaya Irani – boasting much?
    5. I am a newbie – when he got flack for acting
    6. Blame San for TRPs & I am not the protagonist – hypocrite much! u said the exact opposite earlier!
    7. i am the handsome man in this world – i want ur address to send u a mirror
    8. i myself left cc – whole world knows u were KICKED OUT
    9. sanaya never liked me – aww why did u lie through u teeth 2 weeks back about her then?
    10. sanaya never greeted me – awww did u cry? – so that is why u couldn’t act!! i think the scientists r gonna have their work cut out for them trying to find a co relation b/w the two thing!!
    11. people would never accept anyone except sarun – i wonder why people like AnAya – Anuj?
    12. industry is politics – now i know why u blamed sports council for failure at sports too!
    13. i have moral values – oh where? would like to see 1 of them at least? pretty pls?
    14. i dont know who took int of my family they are out of station

    YESSS I AM THE SUPERSTAR FK & I AM SINLESS BASSS – this seems to be his attitude!

    Bloody loser!! seriously!

    Well people were feeling pity for the loser at first, but now knowing what a dirt bag he is, well go jump in a lake! but nope don’t do that… you might dirty the lake too! so um.. may be in a vat of goo? that suits u perfectly!

    F****** Kameena = FK = ur new identity!

    I have never come across a bastard more deserving of these bad words. And have never used these words on anyone either..whoever invented them must have known someone just you! cz they seem they were made for u!

    Wish u fail in every damn thing in life, not thatseem to need my wishes for that, u seem to be doing a more than adequate job by urself! lol

    Loser! FAILURE

  7. i know fk is nt a gud person, he is a lier also! i’m starting to hate him now! nd i luv u so much Sanaya.

  8. Thanx to solve everyone knew fk was wrong and will be wrong and sanaya haters better watch it sanaya is sweet it was notonly sanayas name it was even mohits name was there for nothing and i think fk did it to stay in media thanx barun and dheeraj and sorry if missed sumone thanx alot

  9. thanks a lot news room and i always knew about fk rude attitude ,from his first iv when sanaya cracked a joke he didnt laugh n made weird faces n fk is always praising himself on his own that i m doing this n that n i m film actor and he is actor with zero acting…
    Sanaya we are with you n we know fk is a lier…

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