Jennifer doesn’t mingle with the cast of Saraswatichandra : False Report


Well certain sections of media are reporting that Jennifer Wingett who plays Kumud in Saraswatichandra doesn’t mingle with the cast but the rumors can be put to rest as one member of the cast on the basis of anonymity talks to Newsroom.

She says that,”We’ll Jennifer is quite upset with media reporting false news with no confirmation from the caste but the full caste is happy with Jennifer as she is doing her work on time and she keeps a good atmosphere on the sets.”,says the cast member

Well water went over the top when media reported about Karan Singh Grover not letting Jennifer to do romantic scenes with Gautam Rode but Jennifer didn’t want to talk on this issue but she told Newsroom that her contract has clauses not to do intimate scenes and Karan has not even been possessive on the issue.

Star Plus officials also tell Newsroom that Saraswatichandra is not going off air and all rumors are false and this is too early to talk about the closure.

So this case is put to rest or will it continue……..



5 thoughts on “Jennifer doesn’t mingle with the cast of Saraswatichandra : False Report

  1. Jennifer has always been a nice & well projected gal in media and otherwise.. Her profession is acting that requires certain actions and coincidentally her husband’s too.. So, such talks are quite evident. But honestly speaking everybody is mature here and knows their job and limitations very well. We should go with the flow hoping that if all have started well should ends well also . Rest we are no ones to interfere.. Let them play their part.. Stay onlookers not intruders….

  2. I don’t know who is correct in the first place.. but I agree to the media because saraswatichandra is a romantic show…. but lacks romance….

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