Newsroom – Restructuring June 2013


Newsroom is always delighted to announce new projects but some projects of Newsroom namely Newsroom Updates and Bollywood Gossip has not been received well by the global audience maybe our team of editors couldn’t do justice to the projects which were our major launches for 2013.

Newsroom Updates has been replaced by Initiative Media. Initiative Media is a family oriented page with some interesting news,activities and unknown facts. Initiative Media is a Facebook page which will launch on 13 June replacing Newsroom Updates.This page will mainly focus on lifestyle and some interesting tips and a slight dose of Indian Television updates.

Bollywood Gossip launched few days back will see some changes in graphics and will be rebranded as Bollywood Newsroom.The project will undergo some changes and will relaunched on June 13.

We regret the trouble caused to readers of the following projects.Newsroom is currently aiming to launch more projects but our previous launches have to be improved so that we can launch new projects.

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