Kumud and Saras to be separated for a short while in Saraswatichandra


The coming week of Saraswatichandra will see Kumari’s marriage drama and Saras and Kumud get separated for little days.

In the coming week,Danny who has not been shown completely in the show will arrive and will meet Kumari and will develop a liking for her. Saras will be seen missing Kumud as she went to the school picnic but she will return and Saras will be happy to see her. Saraswatichandra will gift Kumud a sari which she’ll be happy to wear as this is the second gift of Saras to Kumud.

During the engagement ceremony,the dramatic twist will be Guman brainwashing Kumari to elope with her boy friend and get married to him.But the hero Saras will immediatly leave the engagement ceremony and will stop them from getting married and Kumud’s respect for Saras increases after this incident.The major shocker will be that Lakshminandan Vyas will announce that Saraswatichandra’s baarat will leave from Dubai which means Saras will get separated from Kumud for a short while.

We contacted Jennifer,but she refused to comment as she was shooting.



4 thoughts on “Kumud and Saras to be separated for a short while in Saraswatichandra

  1. please please happy marriage for saras and kumud. Guman can treat little problems here and there but please let them get married…

  2. if saras and kumudh doesn’t get married then mr.bansali I can assure u that no one would be intersted to see the serial…………Right folks???????pls let them get married first and then u coud do anything..pls…………….

  3. change d track,let dem get married first & den cutipie saras & kumud leave for dubai,otherwise ghuman sure wil create sum problem…..dis wud be untolerable for every saraswatichandra viewer 4 sure……..dont do dis consider dis as a request mr.bhansali.

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