Farhan Khan’s family upset with Optymystix productions.


The actor who was playing Manav few days before got replaced by Anuj Sachdeva and is very upset and emotional by this move.

Farhan Khan is currently not ready to talk with any media site and when Newsroom tried to contact him he cut the phone and later trying to contact him he switched off his cell phone.(Farhan,we understand your feelings,its better to move on)

We contacted one member from his family who stated that,”Farhan has got very emotional from this move and is under depression.We all are trying hard to make him come out of this messy situation but this move has really hurt him.We are upset with Optymstix since they selected Farhan in the beginning and later on dumped him.We didn’t get any answer to our questions that Farhan gave a audition from which he got selected then why did the channel select him if his acting was average and then to insult him in the television world dumped him in the middle of the show”.

On asking him about the fans who were not happy with Farhan,he stated that “They have the full right not to like anyone who is not entertaining them to the fullest as they paid to watch the channel and its show but why was this move not taken when Farhan was shooting for the first episode and then why didn’t they change Farhan. This was a political move played by the production as they took Farhan in the beginning and if viewers observe Chhanchhan launched with IPL and that time is not good to launch prime time properties then when IPL got over they replaced him to gain more eyeballs”.

Well this blame game will continue or end,time will tell.



2 thoughts on “Farhan Khan’s family upset with Optymystix productions.

  1. I dont understand this farhan was perfect for this roll!!! Now they just changed him for someone else?! Thats stupid!!! I mean seriously? Why did you choose him firstly? Like. I was watching the episode when I saw that manav had changed I just closed my tab! Because he suited with the whole roll thing! But ohh well CC lost alot of fans due to their change….

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