Saraswatichandra stands up for Kumud and Guman asked to stay out from Saras and Kumud’s life.


After the current track of Kumud’s guilt for spending a cosy moment with Saraswatichandra there is lots of drama to explore in the show.

Now in the coming episodes Guman will bad mouth Kumud in front of the family but Saras stands up and defends Kumud from this blame by Guman and Saras request Guman to stay out from their lives. Laxminandan Vyas and Vidyachatur decide to fix a date for Saras and Kumud’s marriage and Saras will fix the date of his marriage by himself.But at the time only Kumud has to go for a picnic with her school children and Saras will gift her a mobile so they can stay in touch with each other.

So do watch Saraswatichandra on Star Plus at 7:30pm(Mon-Fri).


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