Farhan Khan dropped out and Anuj Sachdeva taken in as Manav: Chhanchhan


Newsroom had previously informed its readers that Farhan Khan who plays Manav in the show is getting replaced after IPL and worth a wait the production team and Sony have decided to replace Farhan Khan with Anuj Sachdeva.

This change comes in notice due to Farhan’s lack luster performance in the show and viewers don’t see the hot chemistry between Farhan and Sanaya. Although Farhan has the good looks and a body to die for but in acting is where he falls flat.

Anuj Sachdeva starred in many shows but has been away from fiction shows for quite a long time since he can be seen in many commercials like Nivea’s ad with Anushka Sharma and many more.He also debuted in Bollywood.

Optymystix India,the production team of Chhanchhan feels that the show needs a replacement as the show has not been received well through the TRP system.

So well time will tell if Anuj and Sanaya can steam up the TRPs of Chhanchhan.



23 thoughts on “Farhan Khan dropped out and Anuj Sachdeva taken in as Manav: Chhanchhan

  1. Please bring back ipkknd show with Sanaya Irani as Khushi again but we don’t want barun Sobti back the idiot and his mental fans, we would want Mohit Sehgal to be ASR please

  2. Anuj and Sanaya are good together, nice pair. In the future we would love to see mohit sehgal and Sanaya Irani together again, in a show like IPKKND show. Mohit as ASR with Khushi

  3. Anuj Sachdev is 100 percent better then Farhan Khan, Anuj Sachdev keep it up. Still would want IPKKND show back and Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra or Anuj Sachdev to be ASR

  4. End Chhan Chhan show it’s a waste of time, don’t like Chhan Chhan character, like Khushi character because she was very funny want IPKKND show back and new ASR to be Mohit Sehgal NOT Barun Sobti never again

  5. Can’t see Anuj saving the Chhan chhan show or getting TRP rating up. To save Chhan Chhan show is to get Mohit Sehgal or Arjun Bijlani or Harshad Chopra and that another mistake by Vipul Shah he is a totally off the rails

  6. Ipkknd show is much better, just get Chhan Chhan replaced and get Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra to be ASR that would be Brill

  7. Anju is a good actor but still we want Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra or Arjun Bijlani. Best would be to end Chhan Chhan show and get back IPKKND show with sanaya irani as Khushi and Mohit or Harshad as ASR. We don’t want Barun Sobti back or his fans

    • Yeah end Chhan Chhan and get IPKKND show with Khushi with Mohit or Harshad and NOT barun sobti becaue we hate him

  8. Should have got Mohit Sehgal but now let see if this Anuj can save the show, don’t think so. Everyone want IPKKND show back and love Sanaya Irani as Khushi much more then boring Chhan Chhan character. Get Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra as ASR with khushi in IPKKND show that would be the best show on earth

  9. Anuj is a good actor but still would have preferred Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra or Arjun Bijlani, and only then we would have watch the show otherwise NO

  10. Please end boring Chhan Chhan show and return ipkknd show because we love sanaya irani as Khushi character, we sooo cute, and funny and of cause beautiful and her clothes. Please rtn ipkknd show and get Harshad Chopra or Mohit Sehgal to be ASR. We don’t want Barun Sobti because we hate him

  11. Good they replaced Farhan,found it difficult to believe they took Farhan,rejecting Mohit sehgal and Arjun Bijlani.Let us see how it works with Anuj,still stringly feel Mohit would have been a better choice.

    • We agree with you Anon and Mohit Sehgal is the best choice and second choice would be Arjun Bijlani or Harshad Chopra, wouldn’t want Barun Sobti or his fans back because of them we lost IPKKND show. Would love if IPKKND returned with Mohit Sehgal or Harshad Chopra to be ASR with Sanaya Irani as Khushi

    • Yeah Mohit Seghal is the best choice, and we would have watch the show if he came, and Arjun Bijlani and Harshad Chopra are good aswell

  12. Anuj was pretty good in another show on star plus called bebo and I used to watch it cuz of him so he may be able to act up to our standards its only depends on whether he compliments sanaya or not hmm can’t wait to see them together 🙂

  13. I think replacing Farhan is a bad idea. Already, Chhanchhan’s or rather, Sanaya’s fans prefered Barun over him; and now putting another new face next to Sanaya is not looking good. We got used to Farhan and his acting. He could have improved along with the progress of the show. Had stupid people not been trashing about how he is worse than Barun. Everybody starts small. The current Manav’s acting is good. But it will take awhile to get used to him and for him also to work up a chemistry with his co-actor Sanaya.

    • No we don’t want Barun Sobti back ever again, because of him his fans ended our iss pyaar ko kya naam doon show so we don’t want him or his fans back ever, understand!. We want Mohit Sehgal and he would been the best choice but, rather have IPKKND show back then watch Chhan Chhan show. We loved Khushi character the best and would want Mohit Seghal or Harshad chopra to be ASR

  14. We don’t think Anuj could save the show and best to end it and bring back Ipkknd show and we want Mohit Seghal to be ASR or Harshad Chopra and our sanaya irani back as khushi

  15. Sorry but Farhan Khan had to go but the replacement? Anuj Sachdeva not sure if he would be right but If we were to find a solution to getting the show back on track and bringing up the TRP ratings, would have chose Mohit Sehgal

  16. We see how this Anuj Sachdeva does, but he is walking on thin ice and if he fails that would be the end of Chhan Chhan show, it’s a big risk. Mohit Sehgal would been the best choice and 100 percent guarantee that not only the show would be save but would have been a huge success

  17. We would have prefer Mohit Sehgal but again we believe they are making a mistake by getting Anuj Sachdeva. The question is can this Anuj saved the show and bring up the TRP rating??????.If they bought Mohit Sehgal not only he would save the show but would shoot TRP rating sky high

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