Good shall prevail over evil in Qabool Hain


We reported earlier that Zoya was facing difficulties in exposing Tanveer’s evil face in front of Asad and his family but now soon things will take a turn in the show.

Now in the coming week,Asad will try to match incidents with Zoya’s story and he gets a slight suspicion on Tanveer since Zoya brought a Kurti from Tanveer’s factory but Zoya claims the Kurti to be burnt already and Asad will be seen trusting Zoya for the first time.

We will also see Zoya and Asad joining hands to unmask Tanveer in the front of Asad’s family.According to sources,Asad will inform no one from his family since he wants to get proof first.

We contacted Surbhi Jyoti,she stated that “There are lots of twist coming in the show,so do watch everyone.”

So with all this drama,do watch Qabool Hain on Zee TV at 9:30pm (Mon-Fri).



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