Will Sultan be able to halt RK and Madhubala’s Wedding ?


Madhubala is going get high on the dose of entertainment with the ongoing wedding track of RK and Madhubala.

In the previous episodes RK and Mahubala’s haldi ceremony has been completed and Padmini requested Sultan to stop the marriage as Padmini wants Sultan to get married to Madhubala.

We had earlier reported about this but now we have confirmed news that Sultan will try his level best to wipe out RK from Madhubala’s life.To fulfill the promise he will go to the wedding and try to stop Madhubala’s wedding.

But if believed by sources RK and Madhubala will get married but Sultan will create problems between them.

So will Sultan stop the marriage or create problem in their married life is a thing to watch out for.



71 thoughts on “Will Sultan be able to halt RK and Madhubala’s Wedding ?

  1. Who is This Sultan. Sadakchap, Gunda who eye other’s wife.

    Story is about RishBala and they will be together forever. This Sultan needs to be kick out of show

  2. Hate u moron sultan!! Disgusted…get the hell out of my rishbala’s life…thick headed stupid gangster even leave our pyaara show nobody wants to c ur face:-!

  3. Ohhhh hate u sadakchap!!!y the hell dont u just cut in short man! So negativity 80% ppl hate u still u show ur stupid non expersionless face every now n den..cv’s bhagaao ise yuck

  4. Please get rid of this sadakchap gangster! Hate him so much! Because of him, the TRP is dropping. RishBala firever! ❤

  5. Rishbala Rocks, Love Rishbala, They are the best pair of Indian Telelvision
    Pls kick out that Gangster from the show, he good for nothing…

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