Battle Between Zoya and Tanveer for Asad!


Qabool Hain on Zee TV is currently gaining momentum with the drama and marriage track in the show.

Zoya in the previous episodes was struggling to find a clue about Tanveer and her evil doings but till now nothing has happened in her favor.Zoya blamed Tanveer to be the owner of the factory but she some how escaped the blame by telling Asad and the family that her friend is the owner of the factory.

Currently,Tanveer is constantly troubling Zoya and finding a opportunity to prove her wrong in front of Asad. While Asad is no mode to trust Zoya’s blame as he feels she is innocent and was his child hood friend.

So here the question rises will Zoya be able to remove the goodness mask of Tanveer to show her evil face is a thing to watch out for and will the marriage between Zoya and Asad happen successfully!



One thought on “Battle Between Zoya and Tanveer for Asad!

  1. I don’t think Zoya is fighting over Asad for Tanveer. I think she is fighting for the to why Tanveer is lying…

    Zoya still thinks that the marriage is pretense as Asad still has told her otherwise… With him constantly harping on the fact they are different, Zoya still feels that the marriage may not take place…and even if it does, it is fake and will be broken anytime… So because of that either she would do things to anger Asad or she would reach a limit, where she might call of the marriage too…

    I hope the marriage does not happen in the state that it is… The writers are sending a very wrong message to the youth of today….that marriage is a game… Please don’t do that… Qubool hai is my first and only Indian show that I started watching because I felt it was different… But sad to say… I think this is my last… The actors are superb but the storyline sucks now…

    They had a beautiful theme, relationship… Between step siblings, between Asad and Zoya, mother and son… They should have continued that… Its ok to have some filmy drama… but what has been going on since May 20th is atrocious???

    QH have lost quite a fan following of non-Hindi speakers do this…

    Yes, Asad will marry Tanveer, he should… He got his foundation for marriage with Tanveer, that is trust… He will grow to love Tanveer… He may love Zoya but he does not trust her… So if he gets married to Zoya, the marriage will be on the rocks right from day 1.
    Zoya will not be able to remove the mask of goodness that Tanveer wears without Asad’s help… I do hope that Asad confesses to Zoya that he loves her before knowing about Tanveer… It would have more meaning…

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