Mohan’s Denial and Acceptance in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


While in the previous episode we observed that Mohan gets a shock hearing about Navika’s love for Beera. Mohan was upset since Beera couldn’t establish himself as an independent person and any father can’t get his daughter married to a man with no living and son of Dadaji(Antagonist is the show).

Now in the coming episodes Mohan will have an eye to eye father to Ijoo(Beera) interaction which will lead to Beera asked to leave the Vyas house.

Soon the Vyas family will get the news of Dadaji’s arrest and the entire family will rejoice and then the court will request Munna(Addu played by Kanwar Dhillon) and Addu(Munna played by Manish Gandhi) to testify against Dadaji.While the real Addu(Kanwar) will be up to his tricks and try to stop Munna (Manish)to go to the court but as you say truth always prevails over evil and Dadaji will go to jail.

Then Navika will have a break down as she keeps dreaming about Beera and can’t live without him,seeing all this Mohan gets convinced and whole heartedly accepts Beera.

So do tune into Colors TV at 9:30pm today.



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