Sanaya Irani makes the contestants go Wow!


Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 6 has already started trending even before its launch on 1st June.

Sanaya Irani was contacted for being part of Jhalak but couldn’t take up the project due to hectic shooting schedules of Chhanchhan but to make the channel happy she came in to dance on the tunes Tumse Milke from Main Hoon Naa.

Comedy Actor,Suresh Menon told Newsroom that “I was stunned to see such a graceful dancer and got scared seeing her dance moves as she could easily win Jhalak”.

A source present at the grand launch of Jhalak told Newsroom that all the contestants were stunned to see Sanaya dancing perfectly and even the source went ahead to say that Madhuri was enjoying watching Sanaya on stage.

So would Sanaya enter as a wildcard to make the audience go Wow!



6 thoughts on “Sanaya Irani makes the contestants go Wow!

  1. WOW ! Sanaya Irani is amazing. I wish she was there in Jhalak as a participant. Anyways, excitedly waiting to see her rocking performance. My Barbie Doll, Sanaya ❤

  2. Awww..i really wish she comes as a wildcard entrant..shz truly a wonderful dancer!! luv u loaaaadddsss sanaya♥♥u r d best♥!vry proud of u..

  3. Wow!! my angel!!
    Sanaya Irani u truly are so light on your feet like a gazelle and dances like an angel!! I have always been mesmerized by you. When your lithe and graceful self sway away to tunes u become the music itself through ur dancing.
    I so wished you would be part of JDJ, considering you have yourself wished to be a part of it for as long as it started. I am sorry FK losers 100 retakes per scene is taking and wasting your precious time so u cannot make it to the show.

    but beautiful angel, I wish, I truly wish u were there making us fall in love with u all over again every single day through ur dancing. Still there is a hope in my heart that u might enter as a wild card entry.

    Anyway aww praises on u, reading them delights me, cz aww you define perfection for me! And to hear every one was mesmerized and even Madhuri appreciating ur dance!! oh my angel girl how i wish..I love u and wish u got to fulfill ur wishes and got to dance to ur hearts content in the show as u wanted…

    love u sooo much ♥

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