Marriage and elope drama in Saraswatichandra


The show that has won hearts globally due to its scenes which have been perfectly executed by the entire cast of Saraswatichandra.

Will it be an smooth marriage?Read on to find out!

Amidst the wedding celebrations,Saras will ask Vidyachatur for Kumud’s hand in a filmy way and Vidyachatur accepts Saras and the full family will be happy to see Kumud and Saras together.While Kumud will be blushing far way from the others. Guman,will start her tricks and put a wrong blame on Kumud but Saras being Kumud’s pillar of strength will fight for her and prove that she is innocent.

After Guman’s effort going in vain,Kumud needs to go for a picnic with the school students.Then Saras also decides to go with Kumud since he can’t stay away from Kumud for such a long time.

Saras sees Kumari with her boy friend but doesn’t tell anyone about this since he doesn’t want to give Kumud’s family a shock. Kumari under pressure from her boy friend will elope.

We contacted Arvind Babbal(director),he said that,”Can’t reveal anything except that there will be difficulties during the marriage of Saras and Kumud”.

So for all the drama watch Saraswatichandra on Star Plus at 7:30pm IST(Mon-Fri)



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