Eijaz Khan out of the dance reality show Jhalak?


This season of Jhalak has some sizzling hot bods like Siddharth Shukla,Karanvir Bohra and Eijaz Khan.

Unfortunately Eijaz had to bid adieu to Jhalak in the first episode,read on to find out more.

Eijaz was practicing for the grand premiere episode which he had to a high climbing stunt while rehearsing he slipped and dislocated his left shoulder.Last year this unfortunate incident happened to Isha Sharwani.

But Eijaz is reluctant to not quit Jahlak as he doesn’t want to lose his chance to showcase his dancing skills on Jahlak. Although the makers are happy but according to the doctor Eijaz needs time to rest. But if the actor health worsens during the show they will need to find an substitute soon.

Wishes to Eijaz for speedy recovery.


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