Jennifer and Gautam – bold scenes ?


While certainly there are reports coming in that makers of popular show Saraswatichandra will have an bold romantic scene between Saras(Gautam) and Kumud(Jennifer).

But is it true , is the question that rises?Read on to find out more!

Jennifer Winget in her contact has a special rule which doesn’t permit her to do intimate scenes or so called bold scenes.This comes in notice after she got married to Karan Singh Grover who also has the special rule which doesn’t permit him to do intimate scenes. This proves their commitment for each other

While Sanjay Leela Bhansali bold scenes can turn out to be a magic filled one as he is the king of romance.Star Plus is strict in its content of fiction shows,so don’t expect the film bold scenes in Saraswatichandra.

On contacting Jennifer,she said “From were is this news coming in from while we didn’t get any news from the director”.

So from were did this news come from?

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