Best Mother Daughter: Poll

Newsroom after long hiatus came up with a poll to see who is the best mother daughter pair onscreen. This poll is launched to celebrate Mother’s Day.


First: Navika and Megha
They are the cutest mother daughter on-screen who have been entertaining you’ll for 2 seasons. While they have the same habits to blame the boys for everything


Second: Padmini and Madhubala
The most understanding mother daughter pair and the best example to give is that Padmini saved Madhubala from all evils at a very young age and stood like a pillar of support for Madhubala.


Third: Badi Maa and Kumud
Although Badi Maa is not Kumud’s real mother but she advices Kumud and can do anything to save her from any danger.

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Keep voting as the poll closes soon


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