Love to bloom between Ratan and Nihal and Sampooran dead


Here is some news from the sets of Veera,and this may come as a shocker for Ratan and Sampooran fans.

Future track of Veera will see Nihal suffering some minor injuries and Ratan gets to conscious about Nihal. The full family decides to let Nihal stay with them since he can’t cook due to his pierced hand. Ratan will be seen questioning her self is she developing feelings for Nihal and Nihal to is not ready to accept his feelings for Ratan.

While the suspicion track will be revealed after IPL which means there are some major shockers coming (Nihal will reveal the truth about Sampooran’s death due to him)

While side by side there will be some serious tracks focussing on Veera and Ranvi.

On contacting Yash Patnaik,he stated that “Yes,we have lot in store for viewers and do watch the show to find some interesting twist”.

So do watch Veera on Star Plus at 10:30pm



One thought on “Love to bloom between Ratan and Nihal and Sampooran dead

  1. This article was published in May this year and this is July, where is love?, rattan doesn’t even look at Nihaal. She is only thinking about her husband

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