Life OK soon turning into Star One?


Life OK launched with an great campaign of cherish what you have but soon things will turn into the Star One mushy love stories?

Shocking buzz is in the Life OK world were all shows are underperforming except Savitri and Mahadev.

We don’t know what’s happening with Life OK these days as they are making news for the bad things like axing Junoon,Amrit Manthan and a good thing that Malika is getting married on Life OK.

The channel is making in news that they want to bring the Dill Mill Gayye sequel in a new way and Geet with a new name and cast.

While certain section of the audience are not ready to accept the sequels due to their favorite actors not being part of it.

On contacting Ajith Thakhur he denied the rumor

But him denying doesn’t change the story as Life OK is axing Amrit Manthan in 2 or 3 months and soon there will be a lot of changes coming in to the viewers

Life OK seems confused as they are not able to understand the viewers or they are raking in only on TRPs

So tell hi to : Star One Life OK



15 thoughts on “Life OK soon turning into Star One?

  1. please Bring back KSG and SA together on screen as main lead couple…
    Missing KaSh so much…
    Love them and want them back..

  2. we wnt geet2 wth only gurmeet & drasti /maaneet…..otrwse we dnt want it……..
    plzzzzzz brng our magical jodi bck……..

  3. guys pls if u r gona do this i mean gona get geet bck pls 2 3 thng dnt change shw name geet nt even the cast n actors plsssssssssssss it will mk mr massy n vast so pls dnt even try if u really wanna mk ur channel as bfr thn try to get ur all lovly shws with same name n same actors n actress..pls tnk on it if u really wanna do the same

  4. we wont acept any1 else other than gurmeet and drashti in geet 2!!!! Dont duplicate geet, bring the original back….. :p

  5. ypiiiiii star one is bck bt plzzzz geet 2 only wth gurmeet & drasti agr trp chahiye to…….
    n wlcme strone…….

  6. wow stra1 is returning we want geet 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wid our very own maaneet /gurti

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