Robber enters the sets of Chhanchhan


We had earlier reported of money disappearing from the sets of Chhanchhan and now here comes the culprit.

It was a technician who used to steal money from the actor/actress wallet and purses. The robber disguised as a technician but he was a robber in disguise.

The robber almost collected more than Rs 10,000 from the sets but then the detective Farhan Khan caught him stealing money from purse of Supriya Pathak and called the security team.

We don’t know how Vipul Shah and his team did such a careless thing and put the full Chhanchhan team in danger.

On contacting a close source,he stated that “I was part of Chhanchhan because I thought the team was professional but is doesn’t seem so anymore as any one can enter the sets and just rob money in disguise”.

On contacting Vipul Shah,he didn’t want to comment but was sorry for the mistake.

All’s well that ends well…….


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