ITA Awards Credability questioned by Actors


Winning is a part of life but losing is also a part of life. Kunal Karan Kapoor won the best actor award yesterday in ITA and Anas Rashid won popular best actor.

The verdict was out in the Indian Telly Awards and most were unhappy with results

On contacting a source from the award function,he stated that “When the award was being announced for the best actor there were lots of voices raising that who should get the best actor but when the verdict came out,Karan Singh Grover was unhappy who was with his wife Jennifer Grover whose expressions were clear crystal that he was angry and upset.”

While its not only Karan but many have questioned the awards creditability and that the ITA award should have been named Colors ITA Awards.(Sarcasm)

Even in the media Karan’s statement were shocking that the channel is promoting its actors through ITA

But a source from ITA,refused all obligations that Karan was not angry and he told Newsroom that every one has a desire to win an award for Best actor award

Karan you have something special planned for you from God,don’t worry there are many telly awards and you will definitely get the best actor award for playing Asad in Qabool Hain

All ends well …..



32 thoughts on “ITA Awards Credability questioned by Actors

  1. You guys gave the award to the people who don’t even know how to act! Deepika really? Kunal, Anas…If you were gonna give to them, why the fuck would you tell us to vote? KSG deserves an award for Even Surbhi she came knew she didn’t get an award. Did you even see her acting, and What about Drashti or Sanaya?

  2. Karan is being targeted because he has the guts to speak the truth?Well i for one am glad that someone actually spoke up! Instead of sulking in a corner and not doing anything about it. So kudos to him for that! Awards are always scripted and rigged, no profound actors such as Aamir Khan refuse to attend any award ceremonies.

  3. i have been a fan of both ksg n kkk.. n i can say by being unbiased dat kkk deserves d best actor award..
    wat ksg did is very upsetting and he needs to grow up n be matured..

    • agreed. ksg’s behavior was the least expected from him since he was a veteran in this industry ..really disappointing. i have watched a few episodes of QH and i admit he’s doing an awesome job there, and quite naturally expected an award too ..but reacting so immaturely in front of the media and then terming it as “honest ” opinion about a “rigged jury ” instead of accepting his defeat gracefully was really disappointing. he questioned the jury’s authenticity ..the jury award for the Best Actor went to Mohit Raina, the man who changed the face of Lord Shiva on Indian Telly and in people’s minds , so did he mean to say Mohit was undeserving ? ohh wait, he also said that the host channel ie Colors was promoting its actors ..dear Karan, please get your facts right ..this is the same channel who ruined NBT season 1 with their unwanted interference and we were made to tolerate a “bigamy track ” and a “paralysis track ” before the show wrapped up its first season. and mind you, we the ardent NBT fans havent still forgiven the channel over this. then how come anyone bring up such a lame accusation against the channel ? losing an award doesnt mean the end of the world dear, so if you are truly deserving, then you will certainly win your share of awards in the upcoming ceremonies. wish you loads of good wishes for that. but please, dont accuse people and instigate unnecessary fan fights. please.

  4. OH WELL karan is right . ON what basis are these awards given. WE are sked to vote for our favorites right? and now please dont say that anas got more votes than KSG -_- . One thing is quite clear that these awards are just to promote their own channel. Why did u even ask us to vote when these votes were actually not considered. KARAN singh grover is the best actor atm and all of us know it. Thats why u all couldnt resisit his charm and had to give him the “Personality of the year” . Anyways keep up with this biased work ITA 🙂

  5. Why does a single expression man think he can compete with the likes of Kunal who is an ace at every single expression required of him such that each scene he is in is a joy to watch

  6. This KSG guy clearly doesn’t know the meaning of graciousness! ! Who the hell does that wooden face think he is?! If he is so irritated with the award, why not give it back to ITA..why is he taking the best personality award home then! Lol, and as Fathima rightly said in the other post, if ITA was rigged then that means KSG winning the best personality of the year was also fixed Usko mirchi lage toh hum kya kare I am loving this jealousy! Everyone is talking about KKK now! Hahaha! This itself says it all for KKK’s popularity! If KSG can’t take it graciously then he should seriously get a life and grow up! That arrogant wooden face idiot! He is talking about favouritism! lol! if it would have been favoritism then that madhubala hero wud have because NBT is low in TRPs and colors hardly even promotes na bole tum! anyway, Thank god I have never watched any stupid serial of this arrogant idiot KSG! KKK has always given his 3000% in every scene and never expected an award in return unlike some actors who want an award for showing 0.0000001 % acting and 99.99% wooden body! ROFL! And KSG is not popular bcoz of his acting..he’s only popular because of such cheap harkat he keeps doing and we all know very well about him..KKK doesn’t require such cheap publicity! People know him because of his talent and his versatility as an actor! And he is happy in his own space! KKK would never stooped so low! anyway, need to come and learn acting by watching na bole tum everyday at 9:30pm

  7. This is not school to complain that u did not win……give ur best as actor and leave the decision to god…..Kunal deserved it and he has it…..never seen such a childish behaviour from any actor…..

    • If u don’t know who kunal Karan kapoor is n why he got an award.. U need to watch his show in order to comment.. If u don’t watch his show n don’t question his acting abilities then, don’t say bad about him. You are no one to judge him..

    • is the only actor who ruled the first rank for more than 3 years in IF……his show was off air and he was on the top for 1 and a half year……he is back after a break of 3 years and still in top 6….his show is on second rank overall and 1st on Zee despite being based on a minority religion……he will rule again for sure and …..coming to wards go check ITA FB PAGE ITS HAVING KSG WITH 7324 LIKES

    • apke kunal toh last main hai…-_-
      atleast karan top 6 main hain..woh bhi ek badi break ke baad…
      so please shut uo

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