Avinesh Rekhi: Thank you for choosing me as the perfect match for Madhubala


We conducted an poll in which Sultan was chosen as the perfect match for Madhubala.

Sultan won by a huge margin which means that the audience of the show is ready to give up on RK and would love to watch the chemistry between Madhubala and Sultan

% of votes
RK- 45%

Sultan is becoming a soft loving human being in the presence of Madhubala and would do anything to save her from trouble caused by RK

On contacting Avinesh Rekhi,he stated that “I am happy the way my character is shaping up and I am thankful that the audience are ready to accept me as the perfect match for Madhubala”

He also told Newsroom that the main story focus will be a love triangle between Madhubala,Sultan and RK



6 thoughts on “Avinesh Rekhi: Thank you for choosing me as the perfect match for Madhubala

  1. Love the way Sultan interacts with Madhubala.just njoy watching both of them.R.K.does not deserve Madhu.He has ‘BABY KING SYNDROME’………Sultan is so caring nd loving…who says gangster has no heart.Aryan is another cutiepie nd not to forget Paddo nd deedu doing their bit.overall SULTAN jst ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love Sultan so much. Wonderful, real, mature and passionate man. He deserves redemption and happiness in life. I am in awe with Sultan-Madhu interactions, and with their families (specially Paddo and Aryan). They are charming, lovely, deep and hot altogether Totally won our hearts. Actors and CVs doing an amazing job with this parallel story and lead.

  3. Elated that sultan won!
    And even more elated by Avinesh’s comments πŸ˜€
    Wohoooo love triangle between the 3 and hopefully sulbala are the final couple πŸ˜€

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