Poll Winner: Kunal Karan Kapoor chosen as Best Father and ITA Award Nominee?


Although in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2,the same word is revolving around him “Sautelaa Baap” but in reality the audience accepted him as best father of 2013.

The poll started 20 April 2013 and ended today,and there was a huge battle in the votes as Vidya Chatur and Mohan were on a tie but later on some Mohan magic worked and the voting reached a new level with high number of votes for Kunal aka Mohan

% of votes
Vidya Chatur- 27%
Ahem- 1%

This is not the first time Kunal won a poll on Newsroom but the third time:
1.Handsome Father and Cute Daughter(Mohan and Rimjhim) 2013
2. Best Actor Of All Time 2013
3. Best Father 2013

We congratulate the actor for his continuous winning spree in 2013 and major headlines are coming from the Indian Telly Awards that Kunal has got high number of votes online to be selected in categories.

So this year can be termed as a critically successful year for Kunal Karan Kapoor.

* A source from India Telly Awards informed Newsroom and still voting is going on from the voting department
But there has been news that he received large number of votes for being nominated in various categories


14 thoughts on “Poll Winner: Kunal Karan Kapoor chosen as Best Father and ITA Award Nominee?

  1. Kunal karan kapoor is the best actor in tellywood today !!! Wonderful performance .. Kunal rocks .. NBTNMKK Rockssss

  2. Kunal Karan Kapoor is an actor who is natural.He is beyond outstanding with such a remarkable .at times stupendous performance.Kunal Karan Kapoor has made Crime reporter Mohan Bhatnagar a unique very charming sometimes so disarmingly cute.dashing.dynamic dude not to forget So adorable spiderman..so loving Papu perhaps a very distinct and rsre ICON on Indian Telly.TRULY KUNAL KARAN KAPOOR deserves every AWARD..worth its name!!!

  3. wow great…….but newsroom…..plz such such news btaya karo….kahin aisa na ho k baad mai aisa kuch b na ho…hm fans k dil to nhi torhain ge na ap ?????// plz reply

  4. finally the much awaited news ..hope kunal wins an award in ITA this year and gets his long due recognition (officially ). thanx a ton newsroom for letting us know.

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