Vishnu to have a change of heart?


Uttaran,Colors 2nd longest running show has got a gripping storyline which has glued audiences to the show for so many years.

Now currently Iccha who was the main protagonist died in the show due to a truck accident and donated her heart to her best friend Tapasya.

Now moving far into the villages were Iccha’s look alike daughter Meethi lives is unaware of the demise of her mother.Vishnu who knows the truth was happy but soon seeing Meethi’s pain he will develop a soft feeling for Meethi.

In the upcoming episodes Vishnu’s family member will try to harm Meethi but Vishnu will save her and will start supporting Meethi

But overall the main story of Uttaran is over with Iccha giving the Uttaran what she got from Tapasya’s family by donating her heart to Tapasya

Overall the TRPs have dipped but will soon rise with the upcoming twist in the show

On contacting a executive from the show told us”There will be slight modification in the story were we will turn some negatives to positives,so now watch the show to know the twist and turns”

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