Newsroom: What went wrong with Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain?



The fiction show that shows the sisterly bonding of sisters who can withstand any situation to support and take care of each other had launched with much hype is getting its all time low TRPs of 1.9 which are good but for Star Plus the TRPs are low and the show has got a extension till October which is a good news for the fans.But will the show get a extension in October or it will face the axe like other shows which were on the channel like Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein,Navya etc.

Many may feel this is a premature post but note that Star Plus is known to do the unexpected with good shows.Actually before writing this our reporter noted that before the 1st phase of digitization the show was getting a TRP of 2.8,3.1 etc but after the 1st phase of digitization the show came in 1.8,1.9 category which is not satisfactory for a channel like Star Plus.Actually the home audiences like a mother,daughter who thought Jeevika was innocent in the show but when she killed an character who tried to harm Maanvis dignity didn’t go we’ll with the audience as according to Best Media the shows TRPs went weak from that story part onwards.But the shows Jodi’s like Viren and Jeevika ,and Maanvi and Viraat are highly popular on the Internet and in the real world too.

Actually we viewed some episodes this week we found that the shows creative have done a good job with comic timing but the main thing that attracts more drama is the sister drama.Just now they tested a track of separating the two brother Viren and Viraat which didn’t bring the TRPs up but made the show get stable TRPs . I think some are missing the simplicity of Jeevika and Maanvi was already a fun loving girl.

While the romance factor was high in this show as more of romance was shown,while some scenes were awkward to view with the family maybe some children viewers left the show due to the high romance factor in the show many may not agree that only romance was shown and many more also think that romance attracts more viewers but its not true as many have seen the television industry were shows with high capacity drama capsule attracts viewers like Diya Aur Baati Hum,Sasuraal Simar Ka,Saath Nibhaana Saathiya and many more

Ek Hazaaron… also experimented with drama but the mistake they do is they put in some comic timing in the show and plus while they put on high drama they fooled with Jeevikas character by making her kill and fight which now atleast stopped as they understood what fans want to see and get entertained.We know Jeevika was right but maybe the some rural and urban don’t agree with it.

Wait!!,one more thing is there which can be blamed is the lack of advertising done by Star Plus.As they don’t advertise the show we have not seen a single ad by Star Plus since Dimpy and Rahul came in the show were they promoted Valentines Day.Every one knows how much Star Plus promotes Saraswatichandra and even the maha episodes of the show but when Ek Hazaarom Mein has a maha epsiode they only advertise the show on Friday which is a low audience viewing day and is not counted in the TAM

Lets see after the second phase of digitization will the show get High or Low TRPs and will they listen to fans and advertise the show

If you’ll feel injustice is done towards the show:
– E-mail Star plus in following addresses (to make sure they take notice)



9 thoughts on “Newsroom: What went wrong with Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain?

  1. I agree with most of the points mentioned ,but not about the romance factor.The most of the romance is shown between jeevika and viren .It has become repeating and audience have become bored of it.Its not sisterly act or romance between jeevika and viren the show became hit,but because of virat n manvi is love story captured the audience .Since now virat and manvi role are loosely etched and make them look like side characters …the show has lost its charm..

  2. Star Plus injustice with EHMMBH they don’t give any promos of EHMMBH.In VV bros rift & Path up we didn’t get a single.
    Tht channel always give silly promos of other shows…
    Since last 6 months we havn’t get any good promo only hav got 3 promos……
    guys plz E-MAIL SP abt it.
    i had email 1 time.

  3. big reason is star plus being partial with the show STAR PLUS DONT REPEAT EHMMBH NEVER SHOWS PROMOS THEY DOnt promote ehmmbh like before THANKS TO HIGHLIGHT Star plus point it is the biggest point OUR NIA KUSHAL KATY KARan are so popular so why trp lows…………… plus y do u being so partial????

  4. the romance quotient i disagree cause ehmmbh has shown realistic and decent romantic scenes only.
    the coz for fall in trps is i believe ehmmbh is a realistic kind of drama by make and negativity and murder took away the real charm.
    ehmmbh is a show with ordiary relations with extraordinary potrayal of emotions and its the simplicity which is the shows beauty.
    nevertheless STAR PLUS went very low n promoting this show for months together and wish they dont do the same now on

  5. yeah this is so true I wish the director of EHMMBH could see this. the show is about sisters so they should show more of that. Also I agree with the advertising it should have more promos and all. oh and also as for the romance, they do make it very filmy at some points they should have a balance like Diya aur Baati hum. I just hope the director sees this.

  6. Actually, i too agree with the last part…. EHMMBH needs more of promos and advertisements!… 😦
    I just hope they advertise more and give some more they show for other shows..

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