OMG: Mona Singh hurt by morphed MMS Video of her


One of the most versatile,strong and sets a high mark for her Co-stars is under the banner of humility since her morphed MMS video went viral on the web.Its very shocking for her fans to hear about this but Newsroom truly knows that the video is a morphed version since Mona is a modern girl with the capabilities to understand what’s wrong and right.

While she is not ready to talk to any media(We contacted Mona through phone but her assistant denied),but her costars are supporting her.While we contacted Ekta said”She doesn’t want to comment on the situation but the media has no right to humiliate a actress without any proof”. Just to tell you Ekta media doesn’t make up stories but we tell the whole story to fans who what to know the latest info

The video looks like when she was young but we have no confirmation if the video is morphed but Newsroom is not blaming the actress(Mona) as we have seen her personally and she is bright girl who can’t do this for publicity like Veena Malik.

Her co star Gaurav Gera on asked about the MMS on Mona he stated that”I have heard about it but I will stand by her at her difficult times”.Way to Gaurav she is lucky to have costars so supporting.

Newsroom is really upset with all sorts of media making a issue about it but we are with Mona as our Indian Television actors know where they stand today,have respect for their self respect and don’t have tendency to make their body’s public like Sunny Leonne.

The video of time 23 seconds has Mona without a stich of clothes walking out in the kitchen,sticking her tongue out of the camera,going to another room picking up a tumbler,winking at the camera once again.

Apparently we co stars on the basis of keeping their identities a secret told us that this must be someone’s move to break her upcoming wedding with Vidyut Jamwal.

On contacting Karan Oberoi(Ex boyfriend)he politely replied “no comments”.
Some suspicion goes on him as ex are always the culprit

While we contacted Jayati Bhati who shared screen space with Mona and is currently seen as Mataji in Sasural Simar Ka she stated that”Mona is a smart girl.While she denied seeing the pictures or video.She also told Newsroom who ever has done this should be punished as no one can publish Mona’s picture without her permission and its her body. She stated that I don’t believe this and the video is morphed

Later Today

Our last contacting game was with Mona who picked up the phone but she was crying and in a shocked state,She told newsroom that she will call later this week.

We talked with Cybercrime department chairmen he stated that Mona has filed a case against the site and we are investigating the matter and we will soon get a clear picture.

Mona we wish all the best for your future and hope those criminals get caught soon.

We are not like the other publication who will make this a hot news and sell it on their page for fans but we analyzed the whole situation and we know Mona is innocent and she has been morphed in the video

Newsroom Exclusive


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